Rock Laser Marking Machine

Rock Laser Marking Machine

The Rock Laser Marking Machine is an advanced industrial-grade equipment engineered to offer outstanding performance, unmatched reliability, and uncompromising quality in all your marking applications. It is used widely in almost all applications like automotive, aerospace, medical or jewelry industry. Such laser engraving machines are best partners for achieving precise, permanent, and aesthetically appealing markings on various materials.

The portable laser marking machine for metal combines the laser source, work table and power supply into one area, which phenomenally makes the machine more modest. Such a laser etching machine’s appearance is fine, easy to convey, and has a high speed of electrical-optical change for the metallic surface. This steel engraving machine is equipped with auto-marking usefulness, limit and round review.

Applications of Portable Laser Marking Machine

  • Monument Making: The rock laser marking machines are used widely in making historical monuments thus, creating logos, designs, 3D designs and much more. The laser marking is a permanent method of creating logos as it is a highly reliable and precise method for creating logos even in critical conditions.
  • Jewelry Designing: The portable laser marking machine can be used while designing unique jewelry for engraving designs, texts, logos on precious gems or stones. The tool ensures high accuracy in such a way that stone doesn’t get affected and the value is maintained. 
  • Construction: The tool is used for construction purposes to mark texts, designs or 3D designs on rocks or stones. It provides a permanent marking thus maintaining its originality and quality. 

Benefits of Small Laser Engraving Machine

  1. High Precision Marking

  2. Versatile Material Compatibility

  3. Speed and Efficiency

  4. User-Friendly Interface

  5. Low Maintenance

Why Choose Rock Laser Marking Machine?

  1. Industry-Leading Quality

  2. Customization Options

  3. Expert Support and Training

  4. Cost-Effective Solution


Specification Value
Laser Type Pulsed Fiber Laser
Average Output Power 20 W (Optional 30/50/80/100 W)
Wavelength 1064 nm
Output Power Stability (Typical) 5%
Power Adjusting Range 1 ~ 100 %
Resolution Frequency 20-500 KHz (Optional)
Beam Quality (M²) <1.6
Output Beam Diameter (1/e2) 6-9 mm
Max. Linear Speed Max 12000 mm/s
Marking Depth 0.01~0.3 mm (Material Depended)
Work Area 110mm x 110 mm
Min. Character Height 0.2 mm
Power Supply Single Phase 220V / 50Hz
Power Consumption ~ 500 W
Ambient Temperature Range 0° to 25° C
Cooling System Air Cooling System


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