CO2-1325 Laser Cutting Machine

CO2-1325 Laser Cutting Machine

The CO2- 1325 Laser Cutting Machine is the pinnacle of laser technology, which Sparklelaser is proud to introduce. This cutting-edge tool is your entryway to unmatched craftsmanship and limitless creative possibilities because it focuses on laser engraving for wood, CO2, and precision cutting.

With the CO2- 1325 Laser Cutting Machine, you can master the art of precision. This powerhouse, which is made for both beginners and experts, combines innovation and finesse to reimagine laser cutting and engraving.

CO2-1325 Laser Cutting Machine Important Characteristics:

Excellence in laser engraving: With the CO2- 1325 laser cutting machine, you can turn woodwork into art. Add depth and personality to your creations by intricately carving captivating patterns onto wood surfaces. Every stroke is a masterpiece, from intricate patterns to individualized inscriptions.

Unlock the power of CO2 lasers for unmatched engraving accuracy. As the CO2- 1325 highlights the rich beauty of wood with depth and intricacy that truly captivates, venture into the world of intricate patterns and textures.

Accept versatility in every cut to demonstrate versatile cutting capability. The CO2-1325 is the ideal tool for artists and craftsmen because it seamlessly transitions from complex engravings to precise cuts. From intricate jigsaw puzzles to delicate lace-like designs, shape wood with finesse.

Impeccable precision is at your fingertips thanks to seamless precision. Your visions are flawlessly accurately transformed into reality by the CO2- 1325. Your designs are faithfully reproduced down to the last detail, curve, and angle, ensuring that they are created exactly as intended.

User-Friendly Interface: Powerful technology meets effortless navigation. Both beginners and experts are welcome to use the CO2- 1325's user interface, which is simple. With a user-friendly interface that streamlines your creative process, you can easily change settings, upload designs, and start engraving or cutting.

CO2-1325 Laser Cutting Machine Limitless Applications:

  • Wooden Elegance: Engraved wood patterns that exude elegance and originality are used in elegant furniture and decor.

  • Artistic Flair: Turn ordinary wood into extraordinary art, allowing your creativity to flourish and impress.

  • Architectural Models: Craft detailed architectural prototypes, showcasing every intricate detail with precision.
  • Custom Signage: Make your message stand out with precision-cut wooden signs, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Personalized Keepsakes: Transform wood into cherished memories, etching heartfelt messages onto wooden keepsakes.

Why Choose Sparklelaser?
Benefit from a wealth of industry knowledge that directs you toward the best solutions by using Expertise Unleashed. We are aware of the subtleties of laser technology, ensuring a fruitful and enlightening experience.

Quality Assured: Our unwavering dedication to quality is evident in the CO2- 1325 Laser Cutting Machine. It is built to last and demonstrates dependability and durability, guaranteeing the longevity of your investment.

Guided Exploration: We provide devoted assistance throughout your journey with us. To ensure efficient operation, our team is dedicated to your success and offers prompt assistance, troubleshooting, and individualized guidance.

Empowered by creativity, you can see how your ideas come to life. The CO2- 1325 is more than just a machine; it also serves as an outlet for your creative expression and business expansion, allowing you to go above and beyond your expectations.

Never-ending Innovation: Continue to lead the way in innovation. To give you the most up-to-date tools to realize your full potential, Sparklelaser continuously embraces advancements in laser technology.

Utilize the CO2- 1325 Laser Cutting Machine to Improve Your Craft:

The CO2- 1325 is your partner in creation, from intricate engravings that give the wood life to precise cuts that mold your artistic vision. Explore the possibilities of today's world where creativity and technology coexist peacefully.

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Elevate Your Craft with the CO2-1325 Laser Cutting Machine:

Explore the precise laser cutting and engraving world. Watch your imagination come to life as you transform wood into engrossing art. Investigate the CO2- 1325 Laser Cutting Machine, which combines innovation and precision.


CO2-1325 Laser Cutting Machine Specifications:

Specification Value
Output Power 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W
Laser Tube Brand ERF or Reci
Control System Ruida 6442S
X axis Square Liner Guides
Y axis Double Square Guides
Z axis adjust Height 180 mm
Minimum Letter English 1.5 X 1.5 mm
Resolution +0.05mm / 1000DPI
Position System Red-Light Pointer
Motor 57 Leadshine Stepper Motor
Cooling Mode Water Cooling & Protection System
Life <7000Hour
Supported Application Fabrics, Wood, Jade, Acrylic, Glass, Ceramic, Leather, Marble, Paper, Rubber, Wood Veneer, Plastic, Tiles.


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