Neo Table Top Laser Soldering Machine

Neo Table Top Laser Soldering Machine

Sparkle Laser's Gold Laser Soldering Machine, which is made to give your creations precision, artistry, and efficiency, will improve your jewelry craftsmanship. This machine revolutionizes how you work with gold and other precious metals because it was designed to meet the exacting standards of jewelry soldering. Our Gold Laser Soldering Machine enables you to turn ideas into breathtaking realities whether you're an experienced jeweler or a budding artisan.

Important Characteristics:

  • Perfect Fusion, Flawless Results: Our Gold Laser Soldering Machine meets the requirements for perfect gold fusion. Immaculate solder joints that uphold the integrity of your intricate designs are produced by its focused laser beam, which ensures a controlled, precise application of heat.
  • Enhanced Precision: Precision is a key component of jewelry design. You can work on even the smallest details, from delicate filigree to complex settings, thanks to our machine's micro-soldering capabilities. Achieve a level of accuracy that transforms your artwork into something extraordinary.
  • Tailored for Jewelry: We are aware that special tools are needed for jewelry soldering. Even the most intricate pieces can be soldered with ease thanks to the meticulous engineering of our Gold Laser Soldering Machine for jewelry applications. You can change the types of gold and alloys you use with its customizable settings.
  • Speed and Efficiency: The jewelry industry places a high value on time. You can concentrate on honing your craft because our machine speeds up the soldering process, cutting down on production time. Spend more time creating amazing pieces and less time soldering.
  • Seamless Learning Curve: Seamless Learning Curve: Our machine's user-friendly interface ensures a seamless learning curve whether you're new to the jewelry industry or have experience. Quickly become familiar with its controls and unlock its features without needing to be complicated.
  • Quality Beyond Compare: Craftsmanship deserves high-quality tools, according to Quality Beyond Compare. The same commitment to quality that you place into your creations is reflected in the consistent, dependable results that our Gold Laser Soldering Machine is designed to produce.

Price of a jewelry laser soldering machine in India:

We recognize how important pricing is to your decision-making. Due to the accuracy and capabilities, it adds to your craft, our Gold Laser Soldering Machine for Jewelry offers unmatched value at a competitive price. Get in touch with us to find out the cost of the laser soldering machine in India and consider making an investment that could completely transform your jewelry line.

Gold laser soldering can improve your craft.

Jewelry creation combines skill and artistry. You have a tool that enhances both aspects with our Gold Laser Soldering Machine. Discover the brilliance of laser precision enhancing your creations as you master the art of soldering, which gives life to your designs. Get in touch with us right away to start a journey of exquisite jewelry craftsmanship.

Why pick Sparkle Laser's Neo Table Top Laser Soldering Machine?

  • Miniaturized Soldering Expertise: At Sparkle Laser, we are aware of the complex requirements of micro-soldering. Years of experience in laser technology have combined to create our Neo Table Top Laser Soldering Machine, giving you a solution that is specifically designed to address the difficulties of small-scale soldering. rely on our expertise to get through even the trickiest soldering jobs.
  • Precision Redefined: Precision isn't just a goal, it's a guarantee with the Neo Table Top Laser Soldering Machine. Our machine's laser technology offers a level of accuracy that surpasses traditional soldering methods. Each solder joint is meticulously executed, eliminating the guesswork and uncertainty often associated with conventional techniques.
  • Compact Convenience: Space should never limit your capabilities. The Neo Table Top Laser Soldering Machine is designed to fit seamlessly into your workspace, regardless of its size. This compact powerhouse doesn't compromise on performance, instead, it optimizes your soldering efficiency while saving valuable space.
  • Affordable Excellence: The world of laser soldering has often been associated with high costs. With the Neo Table Top Laser Soldering Machine, Sparkle Laser challenges that norm. We believe that precision and innovation should be accessible. Our machine offers affordable excellence, democratizing advanced soldering technology for a wide range of users.
  • Seamless Learning Curve: There can occasionally be a steep learning curve with new technologies. not in our case. The Neo Table Top Laser Soldering Machine was created with user-friendliness in mind. Our machine's user-friendly interface makes it simple for you to take advantage of its capabilities whether you're an experienced professional or just starting your soldering career.
  • Comprehensive Support: We place a high priority on your success. You are not only purchasing a machine when you select Sparkle Laser; you are also partnering with them. From choosing the ideal machine to offering training and resolving any questions or difficulties you may have, our committed support team is ready to help you at every stage.
  • Enhancement Through Customization: Your soldering solution should take into account the uniqueness of each project. You can change the settings on the Neo Table Top Laser Soldering Machine. To ensure that your soldering results are as varied as your projects, modify the machine's parameters to meet the unique requirements of your applications.
  • Reliability and durability: We guarantee that our products are of the highest caliber. Using strong materials and strict quality control, the Neo Table Top Laser Soldering Machine is constructed to last. Knowing that it is designed to support your long-term soldering endeavors, you can put your trust in its dependability.

Neo Table Top Laser Soldering Machine Specifications:

Specification Value
Model 200 Laser Welding Machine
Output Power 200 W
Single-Pulse Energy 0-100 J
Machine Design Type Desktop | Vertical
Laser Source ND:YAG
Laser Wavelength 1064 nm
Pump Lamp Pulsed Xenon Lamp
Pulse Width 0.1.15 ms adjustable
Pulse Repeated Frequency 1-20 Hz adjustable
Welding spot diameter 0.2-1.5 mm adjustable
Observing System Microscope I CCD - based on requirement
Cooling System Water chiller
Power Supply Single Phase AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz I 60HZ, 4 KW
Running Environment Temperature 5°C-28°C Humidity 5%-70%


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